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As I was studying and meditating on God’s Word, an intriguing impression came into my spirit concerning what I will call for lack of other words . . . THE SUDDENLIES OF GOD. 

Webster’s dictionary defines the word “suddenly” as . . . WITHOUT WARNING, ABRUPTLY OR QUICKLY. 

The SUDDENLIES OF GOD appear 44 times in the Word of God.  There are 41 references in the New Testament and 3 references in the Old Testament.  Throughout Scriptures these SUDDENLIES are divine in nature and usually preceded with an angelic appearance and sometimes an announcement or pronouncement of an event or arrival in a certain place at a certain time. 

Here are some huge SUDDENLIES recorded in the New Testament: 

  • The Birth of Jesus
  • The Launching of the ministry of Jesus at His baptism
  • The Resurrection of Jesus
  • The Day of Pentecost
  • The Launching of the ministry of the apostle Paul
  • The jail break by Paul and Silas  

As most of you know all these SUDDENLIES dramatically changed the course of history and impacted not only that generation but every generation thereafter. 

The vast majority of SUDDENLIES by our Heavenly Father most often occur during our day to day walk.  In the midst of the mundane, during the ho hum of our lives the SUDDENLIES of our Father take place. 

For those who are walking in “Bible Hope” or to better phrase this:  “Biblical Hope” which is really earnest expectation, these believers are walking by faith and are looking forward to God’s promise with “EARNEST EXPECTAIONS.” 

KEY VERSE:  “Looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our FAITH.”


One Response to “THE “SUDDENLIES” OF GOD – Part 1”

  1. great awesome …I had a suddenly occur today, out of the blue I am changeing departments in a job situation. It helps me to study here about suddenlies.

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